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  • Add a bit of character to your wall with our contemporary rectangular wall clock, featuring Les Mayers' art and handmade by our experts.  The body is made from strong and durable stonemax resin with a solid aluminium subframe back that ensures your clock hangs on the wall without abrasion. We manually polish the surface and edges to provide a smooth finish.  The quartz time mechanism keeps accurate time and the 17.71" x 8.66" size allows readability from a distance. 

    At a glance

         Handmade to order

         Stonemax resin with an aluminum back

         Quartz time mechanism

         Includes wall fittings, battery and instructions 

    Size:  17.71" x 8.66"

    NOTE:  Please be aware there is some assembly required.  The clock will be shipped with the hands unattached, to insure they are not damaged during the delivery. You will need to carefully push both hands onto the spindle before use.  The wall fittings, AA battery and instructions are included.

    Delivery:  This item is custom-made to your specifications after we receive your order.  Please allow 5-7 work days for production, and about one  week for shipping.

    Price: $ 89.00

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