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Our trays are available in four different sizes to meet the requirements of various applications around the house and feature Les Mayers' art.  Their design includes a recessed center area with a curved lip to help prevent items from falling off and are made from strong, scratch-resistant plastic that has a glossy surface for easy cleaning. 

Large serving tray:  Sized to hold a dinner plate, napkin and drink.

Slim rectangle tray:  Ideal size to use as a display tray in a buffet, do the rounds at events with canapes and nibbles or flutes of champagne. 

Small rectangle tray:  Perfectly sized for a cup of tea and a sweet treat.

Small desk tray:  A useful size to hold pens, keys, etc.  

At a glance:

     Handmade to order

     Strong, scratch-resistant plastic 

     Four size options

     Curved lip 

     Glossy surface


Large: 16.92" x 12.99" (recessed area approximately: 14.96" x 11.02") 

Slim rectangle:  16.92" x 5.31" (recessed area approximately: 14.56" x 3.35")

Small rectangle: 10.62" x 7.87" (recessed area approximately 8.66" x 5.90")   

Small desk: 7.87" x 4.52" (recessed area approximately 5.90" x 2.56")


Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth, rinse and dry by hand. Please do not put in the dishwasher. The print won't fade with washing, and we give a 3 year guarantee on print, and product structure.

Delivery:  This item is custom-made to your specifications after we receive your order.  Please allow 2-3 work days for production, and about one  week for shipping.

Price: $ 39.00