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  • Our colorful and imaginative pot holders are a lifesaver in the kitchen.  Made with heat resistant fabric and thick inner-padding, they provide heat damage protection for both your hands and countertops.   As they come in a set of 2, use one as a mitt to retrieve the dish from the oven and the other as a hot plate rest.  These custom made pot holders are able to  briefly withstand temperatures of up to 302°F.  The reverse side has two pockets for your fingers and thumb, providing an easy way to grip pot handles and pans in a hurry and a convenient hanging loop.

     At a glance

         Handmade to order

         Heat resistant up to 302°F

         Shipped in sets of 2

    Size:  7.67" x 7.67"

    Care Instructions

    Machine wash at 86°F or below to preserve the life of your printed design. The heat resistant fabric and wadding can withstand temperatures up to 302°F max. 

    Important: Do not use custom pot holders when wet. They are not fireproof and are designed for ordinary use in the kitchen, briefly moving hot dishes - not holding for long periods of time. When working in a kitchen, always take care handling hot pans and removing items from ovens. 

    Delivery:  This item is custom-made to your specifications after we receive your order.  Please allow 2-3 work days for production, and about one week for shipping.

    Price:  $ 37.00

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