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Our classic bucket hat features Les Mayers' art and is made with a hard-wearing canvas that provides protection from both sun and rain, making it a great year-round accessory.  And our bucket hat is fully reversible, so flip it inside out to suit your outfit, or your mood.

Available with either a wide or narrow width brim to  provide either the fashion look or the protection you need while in the sun. 

Handmade to order, our bucket hat is designed for trend-setting fashionistas or as an all-weather casual hat for men.  Just roll it up and throw it in your bag so you can  carry it with you wherever you go. 


Care instruction

These are the slightly fussier fabrics, who need a little more tender love and care when shoving them in the wash. These particular individuals can’t take the heat so make sure you play it cool and you should all get along swimmingly.


                                      HAT SIZE CHART     

X/S (KIDS)         20.5 – 21.2” 

           S/M          21.2 – 22.5” 

          L/XL          22.5 – 23.6”                   

           XXL          23.6 - 24.8"


Delivery:  This item is custom-made to your specifications after we receive your order.  Please allow 2-3 work days for production, and about one  week for shipping.

Price:  $ 59.00