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Step out of the shower and feel thick, soft toweling beneath your feet.  Our bath mats include 2 layers of microfiber toweling which is a highly absorbent, fast drying alternative to ordinary mats.  The natural rubber base is non-slip, providing the best protection for your feet after a hot shower. 

With a binding trim in 6 colors, even the fine details can be tailored to your individual preferences.

 Microfiber toweling is made using loop technology, so the pile is made from small loops that create more surface area and allow for higher water absorbency and faster drying time. 

At a glance

     Handmade to order

     Double thick

     Hygienic, water absorbent microfiber toweling

     0.16" thick non-slip natural rubber base

     Binding trim

     2 layers of towelling

     Non-slip base

     Highly water absorbent

     Quick drying

     Super hygienic

Size 25.19" x 17.71"

Care Instructions

Your custom bath mats are already extremely water absorbent and quick drying, however it's best to machine wash occasionally at 30°c. This is to maintain softness and keep the microfiber loop pile nice and bouncy. After washing, hang to dry and then give it a brush to prevent the fibers from stiffening. 

Delivery:  This item is custom-made to your specifications after we receive your order.  Please allow 5-7 work days for production, and about one  week for shipping.

Price: $39.00