Contemporary Art to Wear and Enjoy 

Fashion, Gifts & Home Decor 

Created for art aficionados and individuals who enjoy the pursuit of art
and want to add more creativity to their current possessions and personal wardrobe.  

LES MAYERS DESIGN STUDIO develops high-quality, custom-designed products that feature Les Mayers' contemporary art.

Our contemporary designs evolve from new images created by Mr. Mayers or from his expansive oeuvre of existing art.  Each collection fuses his art with innovative products that are manufactured exclusively for us by high-quality ateliers located around the world.  

The Real Value of Art

I'm hopeful my art reflects the beauty, colors and textures I observe in ordinary objects, people, and places. By capturing my impressions as graphic images, I'm able to preserve and share some of my observations and extraordinary moments of my personal journey.

One of my primary goals is to create art that evokes strong responses from viewers.  I believe the real value of fine art is derived from the emotional response it elicits from viewers, not the arbitrary financial value determined by the marketplace.    

                                                                 Les Mayers 

Illustration of Les Mayers' contemporary art on exhibit in New York's iconic Times Square in New York City.

About Les Mayers' Contemporary Art

Most of my current work originates as either a hand-drawn concept sketch or a digital image.  I usually determine the type of final presentation once the art has been created.  Some pieces may require re-structuring, depending on the application's requirements.  

For the past fifteen years, my primary choices of presentation media have been innovative substrate media such as milled aluminum, Plexiglass, ceramic, specialized building materials as well as more traditional types of specialized papers and canvas or silk fabrics.  I've also incorporated other advanced methods of display, such as the large digital panels in New York City's iconic Times Square (seen in the illustration), full-sized digital outdoor billboards that were exhibited in cities from coast to coast throughout the United States and digital monitors to present continually morphing graphic images.   

I believe art should become a more prominent part of our daily lives and not just enjoyed on traditional two-dimensional stretched canvas that has been framed and mounted on a wall.  For many years, I've been exploring advances in technology that allow me to expand the way my art is presented and enjoyed.  Currently, I'm presenting my art on items we use in our everyday lives, such as clothing and fashion accessories, gift and home deco items.  Future expansion will include the adaptation of my art on various types of commercial installation materials.   

An Inside Look

Les Mayers' contemporary art has been exhibited and sold from coast to coast throughout the United States in fine art galleries, charitable fundraising events, museum exhibits, private showings, world-renowned retail stores, International photography and art trade shows and public art exhibits.  Venues have ranged from the iconic Times Square in New York City to the Golden Triangle in Beverly Hills.  The following video illustrates a few select examples Mr. Mayers diverse art presentations and exhibits.
Click here to view a small sampling of Mr. Mayers' Asian Journey collection, as presented in an art exhibit at the Art LA Gallery, located in the Bergamot Station Arts Center, Santa Monica, California.


Advances in digital photography, computer graphics software, the advent of "just-in-time" production practices, digital printing, the Internet and the computerization of international shipping management are some of the primary factors that contribute to my ability to present full product collections that feature my art. 

I've been exploring new and advanced methods of presenting my art for many years.  Using the latest technology, I'm now able to literally morph my art into contemporary collections for the fashion, gift and home deco markets.  All of my collections feature my art and hopefully represent a bell-weather concept that leads to greater acceptance of including more contemporary art in our everyday lives.   

Contemporary Fashion Collections

Each fashion item and accessory incorporates Les Mayers' art and designs to provide contemporary, fashion-forward looks.  The finest materials and world-class craftsmanship by our ateliers located around the world, help insure your complete satisfaction with our products.

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Home Decor & Gift Collections 

Our stylish and contemporary home decor and gift items are thoughtfully curated works of art.  Each product provides beauty and  functionality and is a high quality item with distinct artistic appeal.

Custom Designed Products 

Our custom design program was developed for resellers and end-user customers who want to develop exclusive high-quality products  in small quantities.  We don't charge for product development or set-up fees and the typical turn-around time is less than a month.  Accounts for custom designed products have included individual customers, charitable organizations, authors and speakers, specialty retail stores and well known tourist destinations.  

Design Themes

Our exclusive design themes are designed to provide general overview direction for product development and identification.  They represent general areas of Les Mayers interest, observations and experiences.  rs and speakers, specialty retail stores and well known tourist destinations.e included individual customers, charitable organizations, authors and speakers, specialty retail stores and welyrighte

.                               At the Beach                                   In the Garden                                   Around LA                                    In the Jungle 

Asian Journey 

At the Water's Edge 


Fashion, Home Decor & Gifts

Contemporary Art
  to wear and enjoy


LES MAYERS DESIGN STUDIO develops and markets consumer products that feature Les Mayers' contemporary impressionistic art.  Designed for the fashion, home decor and gift markets, each unique collection fuses Les' art with unique products that bring new dimensions to everyday items.   


The Value of Art  

Les creates art that reflects the beauty and colors he sees in ordinary objects, people, and places.  "I believe we experience the world primarily through our various senses.  By capturing my impressions and experiences with graphic images I'm able to preserve and revisit some of the more memorable moments of my journey.  I'm hopeful these images will evoke strong emotional responses, as I believe the most significant value of fine art is the viewer's emotional response." 



 Contemporary Art & Digital Impressionism

Originating as a digital image or hand-drawn concept sketch, my work has evolved through new advances in technology.  I present my art on innovative substrate medias; such as milled metal, Plexiglas, ceramic, specialized building materials and various types of silks and fabrics.  Other creative methods include large digital panels and images on full sized digital outdoor billboards.  

An Inside Look

My work has been exhibited from coast to coast throughout the United States in art galleries and other public exhibits, serving the viewer in multiple ways.


Recent advances in technology have allowed Les to me to take my artistry to newer heights,  giving me the freedom to create personalized and thematic products for customers, allowing them to communicate new ideas and experience for themselves in a personalized manner.





 Fashion for Women, Men, & Kids

Each piece is made with the finest materials and craftsmanship to reflect our customer's exceptional standards.  




Home Decor & Gifts

Applying art to various fabrications has allowed us to create stylish and contemporary products that add new beauty to an outfit or environment while serving a fine quality piece. 





Design Themes 

One the most admirable features of our products is that art provides a certain connection between the artist and observer. I have witnessed customers experiencing my art for the first time and have seen that I have made a real connection with them. For many, this adds a new layer of meaning when bringing new products and designs into their lives.






Much of our work is about creating new art and tailoring existing art to form concepts and storylines told through every day mediums such as clothing, homeware, and accessories. We often work with creative personalities, small businesses, and tourist attractions to develop stories around customers most valuable memories and experiences. 



Custom Designs 

Many of our customers are nonprofit leaders and creative business owners looking for sophisticated products to represent their work and differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Each piece tells a unique story with meaningful subjective experiences from an artistic point of view. 




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