.You can help our homeless neighbors get off the streets. 



  is only part of the solution.


Most homeless individuals experience one or more debilitating issues such as drug addiction, medical or mental problems, financial issues, and/or other social issues that need to be addressed.

Although providing affordable housing is a top priority, putting a roof over someone's head doesn't help resolve many of their issues.  Helping the homeless community re-enter our main-stream society and become responsible citizens requires multiple level programs that are individually tailored to address each individual's specific issues and needs.  

You can help make a significant difference in a homeless person's life and help mitigate this national crisis. 

When you purchase Les Mayers' contemporary art or his innovative artisan products, we donate a portion of the profits to programs that are helping to make a difference.   

LES MAYERS DESIGN STUDIO donates 80% of the profits on sales of art purchased at our STUDIO 526 GALLERY and a percent of the profits on sales of Les Mayers' art and artisan products purchased at our museum gift shop to The People Concern. 


93% of the participants in The People Concern's housing program,

never experience homelessness again!