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Contemporary Art
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LES MAYERS DESIGN STUDIO develops and markets consumer products that feature Les Mayers' contemporary impressionistic art.  Designed for the fashion, home decor and gift markets, each unique collection fuses Les' art with unique products that bring new dimensions to everyday items.   


The Value of Art  

Les creates art that reflects the beauty and colors he sees in ordinary objects, people, and places.  "I believe we experience the world primarily through our various senses.  By capturing my impressions and experiences with graphic images I'm able to preserve and revisit some of the more memorable moments of my journey.  I'm hopeful these images will evoke strong emotional responses, as I believe the most significant value of fine art is the viewer's emotional response." 



 Contemporary Art & Digital Impressionism

Originating as a digital image or hand-drawn concept sketch, my work has evolved through new advances in technology.  I present my art on innovative substrate medias; such as milled metal, Plexiglas, ceramic, specialized building materials and various types of silks and fabrics.  Other creative methods include large digital panels and images on full sized digital outdoor billboards.  

An Inside Look

My work has been exhibited from coast to coast throughout the United States in art galleries and other public exhibits, serving the viewer in multiple ways.



Recent advances in technology have allowed Les to me to take my artistry to newer heights,  giving me the freedom to create personalized and thematic products for customers, allowing them to communicate new ideas and experience for themselves in a personalized manner.





 Fashion for Women, Men, & Kids

Each piece is made with the finest materials and craftsmanship to reflect our customer's exceptional standards.  




Home Decor & Gifts

Applying art to various fabrications has allowed us to create stylish and contemporary products that add new beauty to an outfit or environment while serving a fine quality piece. 





Design Themes 

One the most admirable features of our products is that art provides a certain connection between the artist and observer. I have witnessed customers experiencing my art for the first time and have seen that I have made a real connection with them. For many, this adds a new layer of meaning when bringing new products and designs into their lives.






Much of our work is about creating new art and tailoring existing art to form concepts and storylines told through every day mediums such as clothing, homeware, and accessories. We often work with creative personalities, small businesses, and tourist attractions to develop stories around customers most valuable memories and experiences. 



Custom Designs 

Many of our customers are nonprofit leaders and creative business owners looking for sophisticated products to represent their work and differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Each piece tells a unique story with meaningful subjective experiences from an artistic point of view. 




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