Les Mayers is the founder and creative force behind LES MAYERS DESIGN STUDIO.  His business background includes senior-level management positions with private and public companies in the areas of product development and marketing.  Les also founded and headed General Merchandising Corporation, an international distribution company.  

Les continues to pursue his lifelong interest in photography and passion for creating contemporary art. His work is typically presented on innovative and continually evolving substrate media such as milled aluminum, Plexiglas, ceramics, silk and other types of fabrics and materials.

Mr. Mayers' highly-creative art presentations have included full-sized digital outdoor billboards, (where his art was transmitted to the billboards via satellite), large digital boards in New York's iconic Times Square, video monitors featuring continually morphing images and graphic projections.

This site presents the current evolution of Les' art to consumer products that are  designed for the fashion accessory, gift and home-deco markets.     


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