This collection contains women's handbags that feature Les Mayers' contemporary art.


Designer Handbags for Women

Celebrate your individuality with our curated selection of custom-made designer handbags inspired by Les Mayers’ original art.  Arising from the traditions of haute-couture fashion fused with fine art, our contemporary line combines classic designs with timeless motifs to create effortless style with a distinct artistic appeal. Each piece is handcrafted from the finest materials and produced exclusively for Les Mayers Design Studio by our best-in-class ateliers from around the world.

Iconic imagery
Every piece in our classic collections represent a thoughtfully-curated work of art. Impressionistic renderings of iconic landscapes, garden botanicals and the artist's personal observations offer timeless keepsakes for our customers to love and cherish.

Contemporary styling
Our exclusive line of luxury handbags were generously-crafted to meet all your versatility and style requirements. From urban-classy to modern-chic, we’ve got you covered for any occasion.

Premium, all-natural materials
Our 100% Italian Nappa leather and textured canvas bags are made to preserve their beauty and retain their vitality while withstanding the wears and tears of everyday living.

Quality craftsmanship
Made only from the highest quality materials, our time-defying collection of women’s handbags feature dual-compartment inside pockets and zippered closures that ensure your valuables are safely tucked away.

Celebrate your personal style this season and next with our custom-made collection of women’s designer handbags that feature contemporary art. Each piece is designed to reflect your unique tastes and let your personality shine through.