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This collection contains watches that feature Les Mayres' art.

Add timeless style and creativity to your wrist with Les Mayers Design Studio’s collection of imaginative and highly creative watches. Browse our various collections to find a variety of women’s and men’s watches in different styles and designs. Each features Les Mayer’s impressionistic art and is characterized by its unique design, on-trend look and user-friendly features. Discover beautiful watches, designed for every occasion and mood. Choose from styles, colors and strap options to match your preferences. We have an extensive range of designer watches to choose from, whether you are shopping for yourself or picking a gift for a friend.

Luxurious Design

You’ll find our designer watches are a seamless blend of fashion and functionality. Display your sense of style with our stunning watches. The dials on the watches feature bold, colorful prints of our designer’s contemporary impressionistic artwork. The prints include images of beautiful flowers and some of Los Angeles’ most iconic locations such as the Hollywood sign and the Santa Monica Pier. Our watch designs are all unique in the luxury watch market. 

Quality craftsmanship

AllLes Mayers Design Studio watches are works of art that boast of exceptional design and construction. When you wear our pieces, you tell the world that you are well-acquainted with elegance and fashion, and will accept nothing but the very best. You will fall in love with the quality craftsmanship and skill that go into the making of our timepieces. They are the products of hand-crafted precision and expertise of our master watchmakers around the world.

Timeless Appeal

In an age of smartphones, watches are almost deemed irrelevant. However, there is a certain sense of undeniable style and allure associated with customized fashion watches. Make them a part of your everyday wardrobe and stand out in the crowd with their fresh, unique design. Our timepieces emanate character and make a bold statement, which is what lends them their timeless appeal. Years down the line, you can still trust them to enhance your style, pull an outfit together or flaunt your impeccable taste.

Enjoy fashionable design and quality craftsmanship with Les Mayers Design Studio’s designer watches for women. Our affordable collection accurately represents our passion for quality and precision. Get in touch with us if you have any queries. We will be happy to help you out.

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