Wearing Contemporary Designer Bomber Jackets with Style

Wearing Contemporary Designer Bomber Jackets with Style

Have you been wearing the same old leather jacket for years?  Look around and step out of your current comfort zone by stepping into an updated fashion forward world.  Forget those outdated black, white, or brown jackets in your wardrobe and change to wearing designer bomber jackets that feature contemporary art, the latest fashion trend.   

Bomber jackets with contemporary art have become a statement-setting choice in men's and women’s fashion. Originally designed for air force pilots, the classic bomber jacket has undergone several changes. Current trends eliminate the slimmer look in favor of a fuller baggy look, with fuller sleeves and a more casual street style. 

If you're concerned about putting together outfits with designer bomber jackets, here are a few styling suggestions.   



Vibrant Colors

During winter, the predominate color palate is primarily black, brown, white, and gray. Break this boring monotony by experimenting with multicolor designer bomber jackets.  Wearing bold color provides an opportunity enhance your look and discover a fresher look.  

Pick Any Style Outfit

You don’t have to stick to denim with bomber jackets. Wear them with yoga pants, tights, track pants, whatever makes you comfortable.  You can call it an advantage to pick any style rather than sticking to a certain trend.

Keep things simple

Bomber jackets are just about perfect for every occasion. Whether you are spending a casual day or have plans to get wasted later, even with a plain tee, bomber jacket and pants, you can confidently carry on.

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Overdo during winters 

For a contemporary look, pair a hoodie with your bomber jacket. The basic design of hoodie and bold layout of bomber makes a perfect combination in winters. Zip up a classic color hoodie with a multicolored layer to nail the winter look.

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