Are you an author who is interested in finding new ways to promote your latest book or publication? 

If so, you may want to explore some of the innovative new promotional concepts developed by contemporary artist Les Mayers.  By combining his marketing and product development background with his pursuit of contemporary impressionistic art, Mr. Mayers developed many highly creative and innovative ways that can be used to promote authors and their works.    


A true Renaissance man, thinking outside the box has always come naturally to Les.  While focusing on honing his skills in art, he began utilizing advances in computer technology to reproduce his art on consumer products. 

The knowledge of advanced computer technology led to Mr. Mayers' ability to visualize and create innovative contemporary products that reflect the theme and messages of your latest project.  Les has developed an extensive range of consumer products and associated with established ateliers throughout the world that produce high-quality, custom made products, with minimum quantity requirements and virtually no start-up investment.  


     Author Sharon Kaplan Roszia and associates wearing custom-designed tee shirts that reflect the title of her latest book, Seven Core Issues in Adoption and Permanency.

Many existing products from LES MAYERS DESIGN STUDIO are readily available that can be easily adapted to reflect your book jacket or the core values of your message. Existing product ranges include products designed as: women’s fashion accessories, contemporary gift items and home accessories.  Other alternate custom-designed concepts can be created to meet your specific needs and requirements.   

To discuss your project, please contact Les Mayers directly at: 

(310) 741-2330 or 


1158 26th St., Santa Monica, CA 90403  ●